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This online education course features step-by-step instructional videos to learn our methods of increasing mobility, stability, and full-body strength.

During this hands-on course, we’ll take you through three phases of joint mobilization, strength training drills, and deep fascial stretching techniques.

You’ll learn the five scientific principles upon which our training system is built: Leverage and Stability, Feedback, Irradiation, Isometrics, and Coordination.

You'll learn efficient and powerful warm-up and recovery methods used by top trainers, professional athletes, and medical practitioners.

You’ll acquire the knowledge to improve movement pattern quality to effect lasting positive changes in mobility and be certified as an official Stick Mobility Coach.

This course is accredited by the following organizations and earns 1.3 CEU’s (13 CEC’s from PTA Global and 12 CEC’s from AFLCA):

The online course covers the same content as our two-day on-location certification, without the in-person Master Instructor coaching. A viable alternative when you can not attend an in-person course, or wish to avoid the extra cost of travel expenses to a distant course location. (Course is currently available in English-only).

Course attendees often include Personal Trainers, Strength & Conditioning Coaches, Physical Therapists, Chiropractors, Yoga, and Pilates Instructors, as well as athletes and personal users looking to deepen their mobility knowledge and skills. Attendees have various levels of Stick Mobility experience, fitness, and age. All are welcome.

Course Price Includes

  • 14 Hours of in-depth instructional video training to learn at your own pace. (In English).
  • Instructional Coaching Manual (Digital PDF File in English).
  • Lifetime access to online training and coaching videos.
  • Invitation to join the private Stick Mobility Coaches Facebook Group.
  • After course completion receive a 15-30% discount on all future stick purchases, based on quantity ordered.
  • Option to be listed on the StickMobility.com 'Find a Trainer' Directory to help grow your business.
  • Earn 1.3 CEU’s (13 CEC’s from PTA Global and 12 CEC’s from AFLCA).
  • Earn Certified Stick Mobility Coach status, including an official Certificate of Completion (Digital PDF File).

Course Requirements

  • You'll need a 3-Stick Bundle to use for the course exercises. (If needed, sticks can be purchased and shipped from your nearest online store: USA: StickMobility.com or International: View our International Store List or search online within your country.
  • Computer, tablet, or internet-enabled mobile phone with enough bandwidth to stream videos.
  • Cancelation Policy: Once you have completed more than half of the course modules you are no longer eligible for a refund of the course.

Available Course Credits


Course Procedure

  1. Enroll in course. (Ensure you have a 3-stick bundle to use)

  2. View all course content.

  3. Take test at end of course (If you do not pass, you may retake the test).

  4. You will then receive your Stick Mobility Coaches Certificate and related benefits.

Course Content

1. Stick Mobility Principles
2. Joint by Joint Mobilizations
3. Standing Hip Drills
4. Monkey Hang Series
5. 90/90 Series
6. Dead Bug Series
7. Shoulder Health
8. Partner Push-Pull Series
9. Group X Workout
10. Priming Series
11. Deep Fascial Stretching
12. Applied Mobility Games
Exam & Demonstration

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